5 things i love about working

“Well, sometimes i love my job then sometimes i just want to stay at home and doing housewife little stuff..”

That is a common statement anyone can find on the social media..
Anyway it happens to me every sunday night when i realized that tomorrow i have to get up on my bed, take a shower, make a breakfast (if there’s still time left for me to do it), and go to the office! Hmmmmppp… i wish i could just stay at home tomorrow and try some recipees for upgrading my cooking skill…

Then everytime it happens, i will say that many people want my job.. or at least some of my friends have clearly stated it! They want my job, environmental engineer in ONWJ.. and regardless, be honest, i also want my job .. and in the special case, I do love my job! So here are some reasons to do a great job for me..

1. I have to be thankful to God (Allah sWT). I am an environmental engineer at oil and gas company. Not just only that (redundant, i know, just trying to exaggerate it), this company is cool! It cares more about people and environment as well as profit. So my health and welfare is safe more or less.

2. I met my husband here! Yeayy we are in the same company. We come to the office together and when the working hour is over, we get home together! How beautiful;) just like my parents!

3. This is what i want. I competed to enter this company with thousand people. In fact,even when the work gets harder and i get a little bit stress and depressed ( hohoho this was too much but i did feel it becoz i am a perfectionist woman), i feel that it was my challenge to successfully get through it 😀

4. Sometimes i believe, God has set me to be a great woman.. which is mean, i believe that Allah wants me to be a great in work and also greater as a wife. Sometimes especially in the old times, i’d like to think that well, it might be destined that i would work at unpopular company so my career will be raised up bcoz my competitor will not smart enough. Hmmm pessimist girl right? And then i found that me now in a pretty big company. And it feels like i will be ‘someone’.. i positively think that I will be a great mother and a great leader so i can inspire my children.. yeay! But somehow need to convince my self more often to be more patient about the children.. calm down audra, you have already seen God plan right? It is always beautiful:>

5. People surround me! Yeayyy… with money that earned by working… it can help people! I want to earn money more and more and help people! Especially my parents later.. and ssst.. help hubby too so we can build our future and help many people inside it too…

Work is fun right? 🙂


One of activity in working as env. Eng 🙂


; oil and gas; environmental engineer; me; work is fun


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